Pat's Photo Album Pat's Photo Album Me & Steve Grand 2016 Me & Steve Grand in NYC February 2016 201185661 Pat & Steve Grand Wow, it's been a while since I've been able to add a photo like this to my album. This month I had the pleasure of meeting one of my recent musical hero's, Steve Grand after his very 1st concert in New York on 9.26.13 185340315 David Archuleta & Pat Marino David Archuleta (Montclair NJ Dec 2009) 64718816 With Ari Gold at Sirius. 64718801 With Benjamin Warren at Sirius. 64718803 Benjamin Warren performs on my show at Sirius. 64718802 George Skaroulis performs on my show at Sirius. 64718806 George Skaroulis on my Sirius show. 64718808 Me, at Sirius Satellite Radio Autograph Wall. 64718805 With Dave Fowler of Echo Movement at Sirius. 64718804 With Kevin Lawson at Sirius 64718809 At Sirius with Randi Driscoll. 64718807 In the studio w/ Benjamin Warren 124948923 Early Career Promo Photo Found this old gem recently. It's a print from a photo session that at radio station I was working from in the early 1990's did. Miss that vest :-) 201338142 Early Career pic taken at WLTW New York. 64718810