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About Sunset Cruise:


Sunset Cruise was created and developed by Pat Marino and began as a specialty show that aired on Sirius Satellite Radio in the mid 2000's. Today, the latest incarnation of Sunset Cruise lives on... on internet radio.

Sunset Cruise is a musical oasis, designed to help you relax and unwind with a unique blend of music you really won't find anywhere else! From love songs, to great singer/songwriters, to new age music... it's all right here! 

When you tune in Pat Marino will take you on a relaxing musical journey and share stories and personal insights into the music he plays. 


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As a select member you are directly supporting Sunset Cruise and helping Pat to keep this wonderful long running tradition alive. 

You'll also get many terrific benefits like: Unlimited play of the entire Sunset Cruise show library, the ability to download shows for offline listening, skipping back a forwards in the show file and lots more. 

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